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christmas 2009

It feels really weird to not be celebrating Christmas with my family this year.  There is a stack of gifts sitting in my dining room that won’t be opened today…they will wait until I can get home again.  I don’t know…I think being single and being away from your family is harder than being married and being away from them.  As a single person you have no family – you’re just on your own.  I guess that’s why they call it ‘single’ because there’s one.  When you’re married you have family close by.  Then again I’ve never been married so I don’t really know.  I do know today is different for me.  Right now my family is watching my nieces and nephew open gifts and go crazy over the things they are receiving today.   Wrapping paper is all over the living room by now and everyone is having a great time with each other.

This year Christmas is different for me.

It’s the first time in my 33 years that I have been on my own for Christmas…well at least with no family close by.  I will spend part of the day with a family from church and I am really looking forward to that – still it’s just not the same as being with family.  Don’t take this as a complaint because it’s not.  I knew when i went into ministry that eventually I would miss Christmas with my family – I just always thought I would at least be with my own family…but God’s timing is perfect – even in singleness.

We got a huge snow and my drive was drifted in.  I went out to start my snow blower this morning and it was frozen up and wouldn’t start.  A little while after that I received a text from a friend that said, “I have tractor…on my way.”  It was a great surprise to see the picture below a little bit ago.  It’s good to know there are some who are willing to lend a hand when it’s needed.

one year…

It was 1 year ago tonight that I arrived in Newell.  Alright so my first night was technically in Storm Lake.  One year ago I left a great church in Ogallala, NE because God called me away from there and to another great church in Newell.  I do miss some things about out west but I am very grateful that God has me where I am at.  God never ceases to amaze me – and this has been one of those experiences for me.

Here are some of the great things about Bethel;

  • atmosphere: everyone here has been really friendly to me since I have arrived.  Believe me the ‘honey moon’ is over – still everyone has been really good to me.  when you come in on a Sunday morning you can tell that our congregation cares.  There’s a great atmosphere on Sunday mornings.
  • worship: We have two worship teams that rotate on a monthly basis.  One month on one month off and it works really well.  I have been handed the reigns of our worship ministry over the past 6 months.  Bethel is very blessed to have the level of talent we have on both teams.  Not just the level of talent but the hearts behind the talent as well.  It has been a pleasure to work with both teams and see us grow together and grow in the ministry we have.
  • BSM: BSM (Bethel Student Ministries) is vastly different than where I came from. I really appreciate what we have here at Bethel with our student ministry.  We are making some changes and progress with our students and it is exciting to see.
  • peers: we have a good sized ‘young adult’ group within our church body and that has been a blessing for me.  To have people close to my age has been really nice.  I can’t say I’m good friends with everyone but I have gotten to know a few – I think fairly well.  I really appreciate the friendships I have made with them.  The willingness to pray for each and just hang out and talk has been really incredible and encouraging to me.

It has been 1 year and I am greatful to be here.

Shop C28.com


Here’s the thing.  A few months back I signed up with C28.com to be on their street team and help get the word out about their site.  Normally I don’t push Christian apparel becuase honestly it is fairly cheesy and lame.  I really like what these guys offer though so now I’m pushing them.  See if you look I have the ‘shop C28‘ widget on the right hand side of my blog.  I need you to click on it and go on over and buy something.  Even if it’s only $1  or $2…just buy something.  I am using the 10% they kick back to me on sales to get things for give-a-ways for our student ministry.  Christmas is coming up and chances are that you still need to buy some stuff.  Just like everywhere else there are good deals and bad deals on their site.  But stop on over and see if you can find something to help our ministry out.  Or click through this link and bookmark it then when you go back to buy something go back through my link that you have bookmarked.

As soon as I get the first few give-a-ways I will post some pics of them.  Thanks in advance for your help.

i’m in the market for…

Someone that can help me revamp my blog.  Here’s the thing – I want something better.  I’m tired of the same boring WordPress templates but I don’t know how to do a blog on my own.  I need someone to callaborate with me and help me design a blog that is easy to maintain, will kick some serious tail in design and will have some options for media as well. I know what I want in my mind but I can’t do it by myself.

If you think you’d like to help me out please let me know – only if you’re serious though.  I know this will cost some $$ and I’m willing to put some into this thing now.  So there you have it.  Feel free to contact me through leaving a comment or one of the ways below;

email: youthchris@gmail.com



Dear Alltel: This time it’s fatal…

Finally I am getting out of my contract with Alltel and going with US Cellular.  I know…I know.  Some of you who read this will be in complete and utter shock that I am going back to US Cellular after a 12 year vacation from them. There are a few reasons for this move though.

First off Alltel’s service in this area is horrible.  I even wrote a letter about it a few months back.  My cell phone bill has increased dramatically becuase of the way they handle making money….errr…customer service.  I am just fed up with dealing with it all with Alltel.

Thankfully a month ago I received the news that our church would be providing us with cell phone service now to save us money since we are staff here.  The great thing about this is that it wasn’t initiated by staff.  It was initiated by our trustees.  It feels nice to know that someone is swinging the bat for ya from time to time.  It is my opinion that it is a good practice for a church (or a business) to supply their pastors and full-time support staff with cell phone services.  It only makes sense that it shouldn’t be an out of pocket expenditure since you’re expected to be on call 24-7/ 365.  It’s just my opinion though.

I have been a faithful Alltel customer for 5-6 years now.  I even have 2 lines with them.  As of noon tomorrow I will have no lines with them.  That’s right.  I am terminating both lines of service I have with them.  So this is my farewell Alltel.  So long.  Goodbye.

I have been fortunate enough to form a relationship with Tim Schmoyer of Life in Student Ministry over the past few years. This past Friday I was the guest speaker on Tim’s call in talk show for youth pastors.  The topic was Ministering to Parents of Unchurched Kids in our Youth Group’s.  It was a great time talking with everyone.  Really we talked more about ministering to unchurched kids than anything.  There were some great questions and we had a great discussion.

You can listen to it by clicking here.

Thanks Tim for allowing me the opportunity to be the guest.