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I am excited about a few things:

  • we have had one or 2 students complete B90X with me and we are starting it again
  • I am going to start journaling as I spend time reading through Proverbs for my personal study time
  • things are going really well both physically and ministry wise right now

I started this new series after completing my goal of losing 100lbs.  So why a new series and not just continuing the journey to 100?  Since I have completed my goal I thought it was time for something new and something that focuses on the spiritual and not just the physical…bot or hugely important and spiritual health is way more important than physical health.  Don’t get me wrong physical health is very important but spiritual health trumps it.  It would be easy to think I’m all about fun and games and physical accomplishments but I’m really not.  While I like to have fun and love accomplishing things physically I enjoy a good theological conversation far more.  I always have hands down.  So I’m hoping to bring that to the mix this time around as well.

I worked out hard this week but I don’t think I ate enough and so it’s reflected in my weigh-in this week.  Overall though things are going really well working out.  I crave going to the gym now.  I used to look forward to going to the gym and it’s now one of my favorite things to do again – which I am excited about!


Last update: 290
This week: 286

4 pounds is 4 pounds and I’m proud of it.  Down one more notch on the belt again.  It has definitely been a confidence booster.  I’m looking forward to summer – I’m hoping to be lighter than I was as a sophomore in college.  I’m glad to be able to be a better steward of the temple God has given me – spiritually and physically.


Well I am no officially 10 weeks into this last round of my journey to 100.  I say last round becuase I will NOT have to do this again once the weight is off and I’m back where  I want to be.  Then I will start the maintaining phase which I am really looking forward to.   Honestly I’m not averaging the weight loss I would like to.  I would rather be averaging 8lbs a week but right now I’m at 5.8 per week.  Still losing almost 6 pounds every week is incredible in it’s own right considering what I am doing to work out.   This week started off slow but I was able to walk 3 miles 2 mornings this week then go work out later at night and do my normal routine.  That helped some.  Now with it getting colder I need to start doing some cardio stuff indoors in the mornings for 30-40 minutes then do my normal routine later in the day at thy gym.

Still I’m not complaining.  I made some pretty decent progress this week that I am really excited about.  The results are below:

Last week: 318
This week: 310

That’s 91lbs total I have lost since January.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I’m setting my goal at losing 10 pounds this week so I can FINALLY say I’ve met my goal of losing 100lbs and also I will be UNDER 300 for the first time in 12 years.  I can’t really even describe how excited I am to be so close to being under 300.  It’s a surreal feeling honestly.

Even if I don’t hit the 10lbs mark this week I know I have still made some good ground.  I will still be proud of my progress and know I will hit it before Christmas either way.  Thanks for your continued prayers as I start down the final leg of this journey.


Some people have been asking me what a typical meal looks like for me.  Or how I can eat healthy and still get full on a meal.  It’s pretty easy.  Above is a picture of a typical meal at my house.  Sometimes I do a chicken breast, veggies and yogurt.  Other times I’ll do a sandwich, fruit and yogurt.  For breakfast I’ll have a bar of some kind.  Maybe a Nature Valley or a Cliff Bar (I will also have one of either of these for a snack between meals), an apple or banana and maybe some yogurt.  Some days I’ll just grab a protein shake and drink it on the go.  My meals usually hit between 450-650 calories.  Sometimes when I’m done working out if I haven’t had supper I’ll grab a foot-long chicken breast on wheat and or a foot-long black forest ham on Italian or honey oat from Subway loaded with veggies.  I go in there so much they know how to make my sub without asking.  It just depends on the day and whether or not I will be able to snack between meals.  Sometimes for a snack I’ll do a 100 calorie min-bag of popcorn. I’m not a big popcorn guy so it’s a rare occasion when I do grab some popcorn.

Honestly eating meals like this there are some time when I cant’ finish the meal completely.  It’s pretty satisfying knowing I’m only getting 450-650 calories in one meal.

journey to 100: update

I am moving my weigh-in days to Tuesday.  The contest over at Pastor2Youth has made Tuesday their weigh-in day.  So now I am going to need to readjust to make Tuesdays my weigh-in day.  I’m  hoping I will not see a decline in the weight I have been losing.

I know what you’re thinking, “How will moving it up 3 days affect your wiegh-in?”  I’m not sure how it works.  I do know that I can weigh-in Tuesday morning and then again Saturday on my official weigh-in days and there will be a good difference.  Sometimes through midweek my scale says I have actually gained weight when I haven’t.  Sometimes you have an “up” day. I am hoping that if I have a week of not much lost or nothing lost that then the next week I will drop a pretty good double digit number.  That would be awesome.

This morning when I went in to work out I noticed that the gym is having a Biggest Loser contest it’s only $20 to get in so I am in.  This afternoon when I go back I am going to register for it.  The person with the most body fat % lost will be the winner.  You can be the local club winner and win a 3 month FREE extension to your membership.  You can also be the ‘regional club winner’ and win a trip for 2 to anywhere within the US ($1000 total) for a weekend get-a-way.  Did I mention I’m entering?

I am really looking forward to it.  I need the accountablitly a contest like this will offer.  I am really hoping I win it on the local and regional levels.  That would be pretty stinking sweet.

I also entered a Pastor2Youth Biggest Loser contest.  This is for youth pastors who want to shed some pounds.  The winner (also based on body fat %) will win some resources from Simply Youth Ministry.   Both contests will be a blast.  Honestly I don’t care if I win the one on Pastor2Youth – the accountability alone from those guys will be worth it.

This is going to be a lot of hard work – but it will be so worth it in the end.

This week I was not motivated at all. I cut my cardio to 40 minutes for half of the week. Being sick last week really wiped me out and left me unmotivated. I also snacked a little too much. It was all healthy snacking but still I went over my calorie budget a few days. Not good at all.

So I went in this morning and did a hard 60 minutes on the treadmill and worked hard while doing my back workout. Yesterday I busted tail really hard with legs and am really feeling it today. Thursday I did a hard bicep workout and the past 3 days have paid off for me.

last week: 361
this week: 357

total = 54 lbs lost so far

It’s still a 4 pound loss and I will take it any week.

I just got back from working out today. I thought for sure this would be a bad week since I have been fighting with shin splints and not able to do as much on the treadmill.  It wasn’t a great week but it wasn’t bad either.  I ran for 10 minutes yesterday and for 5 today.  It’s slow progress but still progress.

Last week’s weight = 367

This week’s weight = 363

That’s a 4 pound loss this last week and 37 pounds lost in 5 weeks.  I think it’s going pretty good for now.  I’m looking forward to bumping up my cardio this week now that my shin splints are gone.  I did also fudge on a few snacks this week so hopefully next weigh-in will have a  better number.

journey to 100: weigh-in 4

I missed two days of workouts this week.  I missed Sunday becuase of our Super Bowl Party.  I didn’t go in Wednesday because I was drained from the week.  I hadn’t been sleeping very good but got it figured out that it was becuase I was getting home around 11pm from my workouts and my body was too wired to go to sleep.  So I switched to morning workouts and now I’m sleeping like a rock again.

I have been eating a little more this week – basically making sure I get my snacks in to hit 2100-2300 calories in my day.  I have also been drinking a little more water.  I was a little worried about stepping on the scale this morning when I got home from working out.  I just wish I hadn’t missed those two days this week.

Here  are my last 4 weigh-ins starting with the first;

  • 400 (starting weight) [technically doesn’t count as a ‘weigh-in’
  • 390 (1st ‘official’ weigh-in  working out)
  • 380 (2nd week)
  • 374 (this past Saturday)
  • 367 today.  That’s 7 pounds this week and I MISSED 2 DAYS!  I’m pretty excited about this.

Total weight lost to date: 33 pounds in 4 weeks.

I would say things are going alright with my weight loss so far.  I’m hoping for a double digit week this week.

I can’t believe I forgot to post about my last weigh-in.  Last week i slacked off a couple of days in the gym and I didn’t eat as much as I should have.  At the end of some days I know I was below my caloric gaol by 200 calories.  That’s not good.  It was still a good week – just not as good as I wanted.  I am starting to talk to some of the guys at the gym more.  One guy even let me work into his reps on machin with him.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Here  are my last 3 weigh-ins starting with the first;

  • 400 (before I started working out)
  • 390 (1st week of working out)
  • 380 (2nd week)
  • 374 (this past Saturday)

I  lost 6 pounds last week – so that’s 26 pounds in 3 weeks.  I think that’s not too shabby.  This week I am getting into running and a little longer cardio.  I am hoping for another 10 pound week.

80I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back in the gym.  This week was really the completion of my first week working out in the gym and I am starting to have some casual conversations with some of the ‘regular’ guys that are in there when I am.  I am looking forward to eventually having faith discussions in betweens sets with them.  I am praying God opens those doors up.

This week was incredible as far as workouts go.  I have had more energy and have been able to step up the intensity level of my cardio part of the workout.  It is amazing how fast an hour on the treadmill really does go by.

This morning I had my weekly weigh-in for this week and I was surprised.

Last week:  390

This week: 380

Another 10 pound loss!  I couldn’t believe it.  I’m pretty pumped.  I know this won’t keep going – but I am praying for at least 6-8 weeks of 10 pound losses in a row.  That would be amazing.  But I will embrace the low weeks as they come along as well.