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I have been spending the past few days in my Proverbs journal for my devotions then I read a chapter from Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  I am challenged all around right now.  While Provers gives daily wisdom Wild Goose Chase is challenging my to step out of my cage and go after the God-given desires of my heart – because no one else can chase them for me….only I can chase them for myself.  It has really been a great book.  I am going to recommend it to a few people (probably loan it out)  when I get done with it.  It’s so good.  The ‘wild goose’ is the Holy Spirit which is the English translation of what the Celtic-Christians call the holy Spirit  ‘An Geadh-Glas’ which translates ‘the wild goose.’  I love Marks candor in the book.  Mark is the Pastor of the National Community Church in Washington, DC.  Once I am done with the book I will give a full review on it – but for now I don’t want to spoil the book other than to say it is good – really good.

The one thought I have really been challenged with was when Mark was talking about the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan.’  Here is what he said;

Hurry kills everything from compassion to creativity.  And when you’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to get out of your routine, do you?  No room for Spirit-led spontaneity.  No time for Wild Goose chases.  Here is the great irony: the priest and the Levite were probably on their way to the temple.  They were so busy loving God that they didn’t have time to love their neighbor.  And that is when our routines become counterproductive.  Let’s be honest.  We can get so busy doing “ministry” that we don’t have time for ministry.

This is so true.  I’ve seen it in my own life over the past 6 months.  I have been asked to do things and have become so busy doing “ministry” that I have forgotten to do ministry.  God has really been convicting me of that big time.  So I made a phone call and apologized for not being as proactive as I should have been in some things that I said I would do.  There is freedom in forgiveness and freedom in seeking forgiveness.  How have you gotten so busy doing “ministry” that you haven’t been able to do ministry or have become so STUCK in your routine and so GUARDED with your time that you have blocked things that God wants for you?  I know I have but I am trying hard to undo those things.

I am looking forward to journaling through Proverbs and finishing the Wild Goose Chase over the coming weeks.  There is something more satisfying than pursuing spiritual fitness than physical.  Without both we will die though – that’s something to think about.

I joined our gyms ‘Winter Meltdown’ this past week.  It’s a 12 week contest to lose weight and get in shape for summer.  The winner gets the entry fees from four different Anytime Fitness clubs in the area.  Honestly even if I don’t win I’m already a winner.  It will definitely help keep me motivated to drop the rest of the weight I want to lose by summer.  I’m down another 4lbs this week.  That’s pretty exciting for me.

What’s even more exciting is pursuing God the way He wants me to.


christmas 2009

It feels really weird to not be celebrating Christmas with my family this year.  There is a stack of gifts sitting in my dining room that won’t be opened today…they will wait until I can get home again.  I don’t know…I think being single and being away from your family is harder than being married and being away from them.  As a single person you have no family – you’re just on your own.  I guess that’s why they call it ‘single’ because there’s one.  When you’re married you have family close by.  Then again I’ve never been married so I don’t really know.  I do know today is different for me.  Right now my family is watching my nieces and nephew open gifts and go crazy over the things they are receiving today.   Wrapping paper is all over the living room by now and everyone is having a great time with each other.

This year Christmas is different for me.

It’s the first time in my 33 years that I have been on my own for Christmas…well at least with no family close by.  I will spend part of the day with a family from church and I am really looking forward to that – still it’s just not the same as being with family.  Don’t take this as a complaint because it’s not.  I knew when i went into ministry that eventually I would miss Christmas with my family – I just always thought I would at least be with my own family…but God’s timing is perfect – even in singleness.

We got a huge snow and my drive was drifted in.  I went out to start my snow blower this morning and it was frozen up and wouldn’t start.  A little while after that I received a text from a friend that said, “I have tractor…on my way.”  It was a great surprise to see the picture below a little bit ago.  It’s good to know there are some who are willing to lend a hand when it’s needed.

Last Saturday was my ‘high calorie’ day.   I got up at 5am to workout before our little kids Christmas program practice, adult choir cantata practice and going to Des Moines for the rest of the day with Joel and Nate.  I ate a yogurt for breakfast and so since it was my ‘high calorie day’ we went to Chili’s for supper.  I had a jalapeno cheddar burger with jalapeno ranch sauce.  We also had jalapeno ranch fried onion strips (haystack?).  Oh and for dessert I had some white chocolate volcano cake with white hard shell topping on top of the ice cream that came on it.  Oh yeah.  It was definitely my ‘high calorie day.’  So the rest of the week I cut back to about 1600 calories a day trying to lose the 6lbs I needed to break the 100lbs mark.

I worked harder and a little longer each day.  I switched some things up.  All week I couldn’t notice a difference in anything.  I felt sluggish – almost like I was coming down with something.  I was tired through my workouts and was getting frustrated.  Still I kept pushing.  In the end it was all worth it.  This weeks results are below:

Last week: 307
This week: 298

Journey total: 103

I FINALLY broke the 100lbs mark.  Honestly I can’t really put into words the emotions I have been going through for the 45 minutes I have known.  I have been crying – but in a good way.  I had no idea losing 100lbs would be so emotional.  I would often watch The Biggest Loser and when they would get emotional on there I would often think to myself, “Why is it such a big deal?”  Well now I know why.  It is a BIG deal.  I am the lightest I have been in 10 years.  I am finally under 300lbs…it feels good to say that.  I am going to keep going.  I have 50-60 more I want to drop then I’ll be at a spot where I can really be happy.

I need a shower and a nap now.  Thanks for praying for me and continually checking in and challenging me.  We have reached this point together.

Well I am no officially 10 weeks into this last round of my journey to 100.  I say last round becuase I will NOT have to do this again once the weight is off and I’m back where  I want to be.  Then I will start the maintaining phase which I am really looking forward to.   Honestly I’m not averaging the weight loss I would like to.  I would rather be averaging 8lbs a week but right now I’m at 5.8 per week.  Still losing almost 6 pounds every week is incredible in it’s own right considering what I am doing to work out.   This week started off slow but I was able to walk 3 miles 2 mornings this week then go work out later at night and do my normal routine.  That helped some.  Now with it getting colder I need to start doing some cardio stuff indoors in the mornings for 30-40 minutes then do my normal routine later in the day at thy gym.

Still I’m not complaining.  I made some pretty decent progress this week that I am really excited about.  The results are below:

Last week: 318
This week: 310

That’s 91lbs total I have lost since January.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I’m setting my goal at losing 10 pounds this week so I can FINALLY say I’ve met my goal of losing 100lbs and also I will be UNDER 300 for the first time in 12 years.  I can’t really even describe how excited I am to be so close to being under 300.  It’s a surreal feeling honestly.

Even if I don’t hit the 10lbs mark this week I know I have still made some good ground.  I will still be proud of my progress and know I will hit it before Christmas either way.  Thanks for your continued prayers as I start down the final leg of this journey.

one thing i love…

…is to help people.  Honestly I love giving of my time and helping someone if I can really help them.  I had a few opportunities over the past few weeks to help people who were in need.  I loved it.

The first was for Pastor Jay.  Deb called me and wanted to know if I could install a CD player in his car since his didn’t work.  The trick was he wasn’t to know about it and we were talking about it on Tuesday.  I was going to try to put it in on Friday.  I was hoping to have gotten his car from him while mine was in the shop but there was no chance in that happening.  I jut got the vibe that I wasn’t going to be able to convince him to let me drive it for the day.  Wednesday Deb and the kids went to Wal-Mart and picked up the CD player and install kit.  The amazing thing was that the kids KNEW and still kept it a secret.  So two weeks ago on a Friday night they went to eat at a family from church’s house.   So while they were gone I got into the car and installed the CD player.  Jay and the boys were leaving at 4am Saturday morning to go to the Iowa game against Minnesota.  Once they got home he needed to go and fill his car up with gas and when he did – BAM! – there was the new CD player.  He called me and I was already on my way to the gas station to get some mile.  Once I got up there  it was funny to hear his reaction and see the total surprise on his face.

The second was for my parents.  This past week while I was home they wanted me to lead worship, speak and break some things for their youth group.  It was great.  I talked from Ephesians 4 and how we need to leave our old sinful self behind but also how we need to begin a relationship with Christ.  My dad was pretty thankful for me being there.  The night overall was good even though I botched the songs and the message wasn’t that great.  The kids were surprised when I started breaking stuff.  Below is a picture of the stuff I broke.

The third was yesterday.  I went over to Pastor Jay’s and installed an HDTV for him that he bought for their family.  Although the install was simple I enjoyed being able to help them out with it.  I love doing audio visual installs whether they are big or small.

I do love helping people.  I love being an encourager and helping to cheer people on too.

At the beginning of this last week I decided it was time to start hitting the gym and eating right once again.  So I stocked up on fruit, yogurt, whole grain breads and low fat meats.  I only made it to the gym 1 day this week – yesterday.  However this summer I have taken up golf once again and have decided to not rent a cart to ride in everytime I go.  This summer i made the investment in a pull cart so I can walk each round.  What a difference walking it makes.  Not only do I shoot lower scores it is a pretty good workout.

This week hasn’t been a great week workout wise but I’m not too far off of where I was 2 months ago (my last weigh-in post).  I was pretty excited about that this morning.  My summer has already been busy with umpiring baseball 3 nights a week and golfing.  So I’m trying to force myself to get up early and be in the gym by 6am so I can get my 2 hour workouts done and still be in the office by 9am.

Here is the result of my weigh-in today;

Last post: 339

This week: 343

So I’m only up 4 pounds over 2 months.  That’s not bad at all.


I’m not talking about U2’s song ‘Vertigo’ either…although it does give me a headache and the video makes me just as dizzy.  I have heard people talk about getting vertigo and how it’s like you’re on an amusement park ride or something.  Believe me.  They lied.

I’m into day 4 of having vertigo and I have to tell you I hate it.  I have been out of my house 3 times I think in the past 4 days for maybe a total of an hour – combined.  Is it really like an amusement park ride?  I guess – if you severe headaches and the feeling that you’re going to fall or passout at any give minute.  Seriously there’s not much relief from it.  Doens’t matter if you’re standing or sitting.  Vertigo’s still there for ya.

Instead of calling it vertigo why not name it something that works better for it.  Something like, “Oh man that sucks!” Because honestly it does.  About the only good thing to come from this is I have been able to watch quite a few movies over the past few days.  Good thing my movie library is a little over 300 strong.  Speaking of 300 – I just finished it and was reminded, once again, of why it is an awesome movie.  I did score some chicken cordon bleu and some rubarb pie.  So good.

I am going to try to make it church tommorrow.  That’s a pretty big try right now.

So last week was pretty frustrating for me with the whole scale thing.  I have come to accept it now but still it stinks.  This week I amped up my cardio a little more and began the C25K running program.  I could tell a big difference over the past 2 days just in the fact that I am almost down another notch on my belt.  I’m expecting to be down to the next notch by the end of this week or part way through next week.  That’s pretty exciting stuff right there.

More people are notcing and commenting which makes you feel like you are accomplishing something.  I really think I have a chance at winning the regional competition at Anytime Fitness (my gym).  If I can keep up a week like this week I’ll win hands down I think.

Last week: 349

This week: 339

That’s a 10 pound loss and 61 total in 10 weeks.  I’m pretty excited about that.

I hit a small milestone today while working out.  I did 3 miles in 46 minutes.  I know it’s still pretty slow but it used to take me 70 minutes to do 3 miles.  So I know I am improving some.

I have started this new running program.  Actually it’s not new but for me it is.  It is the C25K (couch to 5k) program.  The prurpose of it is to get you up and running a 5k in 9 weeks.  The program actually has you doing it 3 days a week.  I started yesterday and decided to see if I could do it again today.  For the first week you run for 60 seconds then walk for 90 seconds for 20 minutes.  Yesterday I did it for 30 minutes and today I did it for 45 then I walked out the last 5 minutes on the treadmill to cool down.

I also started doing a circuit around the machines which takes about 45 minutes to complete 3 rounds.  Today I am sore all over – but it’s a good sore.  I actually love the feeling you get when your muscles burn and are sore.  It reminds me that I am making progress and that I did something.

I’m looking forward to weighing in this next Tuesday.  I am hoping for double digits again.

there is a cure for me…


My sister sent this to me in an email this afternoon.  Now I have hope…