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Seriously.  I think Newell/ Fonda should do this with their buses.  We already have the Macs in the high school and now down through the 5th grade next year.  Why not take the leap and put wifi on the school buses too?  It seems like it works for this Arizona school;

Students endure hundreds of hours on yellow buses each year getting to and from school in this desert exurb of Tucson, and stir-crazy teenagers break the monotony by teasing, texting, flirting, shouting, climbing (over seats) and sometimes punching (seats or seatmates).

But on this chilly morning, as bus No. 92 rolls down a mountain highway just before dawn, high school students are quiet, typing on laptops.

Morning routines have been like this since the fall, when school officials mounted a mobile Internet router to bus No. 92’s sheet-metal frame, enabling students to surf the Web. The students call it the Internet Bus, and what began as a high-technology experiment has had an old-fashioned — and unexpected — result. Wi-Fi access has transformed what was often a boisterous bus ride into a rolling study hall, and behavioral problems have virtually disappeared.

“It’s made a big difference,” said bus driver J.J. Johnson. “Boys aren’t hitting each other, girls are busy and there’s not so much jumping around.

Why not?


I have been wanting to keep updating my blog audience of my progress with my getting back into shape.  Since I completed my goal of losing 100lbs I didn’t want to keep blogging about my journey to 100.  So I have been giving it some thought lately and I’ve decided to blog once a week, or every other week, about living healthy both spiritually and physically.  I will still be giving updates on weight-loss but I am also planning on sharing Scriptural thoughts on living healthy spiritually.  I have no idea what it’s going to look like yet – but this is a new series for 2010 and I’m sure it will develop through the year as I go.

My goal for fitness this year is to drop another 60lbs from where I’m at then re-evaluate how I feel/ where I’m at and go from there.  Spiritually I am planning on doing the B90X program a few times this year.  I would like to do it through at lest twice.  I’m really looking forward to that actually.

So here’s where I’m at physically:

Last update: 298
This week: 290

Total: 111 (since January 17 2009)

I feel really good about the 8 pound drop.  My last update was about 3 weeks ago.  The week of New Years Eve I went back to my parents and ate…and ate…I did ok but man I ate a ton.  This past week I’ve been sick with the flu and an abscessed tooth so I’ve just mainly had soups all week.  I love soup but I am really looking forward to moving away from soup this next week.

So here we go on a new year long series of living healthy: spiritually and physically.

no more user accounts…

Tim, over at Life in Student Ministry, alerted me that you had to sign up with a “user account” and register in order to be able to comment on my blog.  Actually I knew I did this…the primary reason?  To chase off people who wanted to comment anonymously.  Tim says though that more people (including himself) would probably comment if that feature was turned off.  So this morning I turned it off.

Here’s a little plug for Tim’s site.  It’s really good.  Tim is a few years younger than me but has this whole blogging/ youth worker resource website down really good.  There is often good discussion over there in the comment section of each post.  I have really enjoyed the last year or 2 popping over once in awhile and joining in th discussion.  I love networking because it can be a stretching experience and that’s what I like about Tim’s site…if given time it will stretch you…but in a good way.

So if in the past you have wanted to comment but the hassle of another account name and password have stopped you – no more should this be the case for you.  You can now comment ’til your hearts content.

Starting tomorrow morning my blog may be temporarily down.  The dreams of this post will finally be coming true.  Bright and early Scott will be walking me through switching my blog to a self-hosted site.  I will be using Updateable.CC from here on out.   This is supposed to make my blog more effective in reaching it’s potential audience and keeping them around.  I’m hoping this will be a great switch and after talking with him it seems like it will be.

I am excited about the change.  IT will be fully customizable which I am really looking forward to.  There are a lot of great themes out there that I will be able to select from.  So hopefully tomorrow by noon I’ll have a new set-up going on.  In the event that I can’t use this domain anymore I already have a new one picked out that’s not yet taken.  So maybe it’s time to retire “serial youth pastor” and go with something fresh…something even more attention grabbing than now.

Once the switch is made let me know what you think..OR of features that I need to have on here.  As my blog audience grows so shall my blog.

Or at least my blog themes I do. I’m looking for something that’s fresh. Vibrant. Something eye catching. But I also want to learn how do update to other themes I find online and not just the ones that I’m limited to through wordpress. So now I’m finding myself changing my themes until I can find something that works while I’m trying to learn how to do some of this for myself.

Here’s the nice thing. I have come into contact with Scott Magdalein through Church Marketing Sucks. It’s a great offer he has so I am taking him up on it. Click here to see what it is and maybe you can get some insight as well. I’m looking forward to this new change and can’t wait to reap the new benefits of it.

Badonkadonk Land Cruiser

4_61_012908_amazon01.jpgSometimes Amazon never ceases to amaze me. Apparently you can buy a Badonkadonk Land Cruiser on Amazon for only $20G’s. No joke. I wonder if Josh knows about this yet? Read about it here.

Modeled after the Star Wars sailing barge that carried Jabba the Hutt, this cool five-passenger personal tank looks like a hovercraft, but actually rides low on four wheels concealed by a rubberized skirt.

Well it has almost been a year since I bought the domain  As my year comes to an end I am thinking of a new name and I am trying to figure out how to get a much better look.  I have some ideas of where I want to take my blog and have been doing some research.  I think I have what it takes to make this an excellent blog…or at least better than what it is now.  So here is the thing.  I need some help coming up with a new name.  I have some ideas that I really like.

Do you want to help me come up with a new name, domain and someone that will help me redesign my blog for free or a very low price?  Below are the rules…

  • it MUST be very cool
  •  the name must be catchy in today’s culture but not overused
  • nothing profane
  • nothing with Christian cheesiness

There the rules are.  Submit all of your great ideas by commenting below.

So I have been reading Los’s blog for a while now.  He has some great things on there.   He posted this picture below.  I dare you to try it.  Let me know if you can do it.


The Super WHAT?!

That’s right. I left the blogging world briefly over the past month or so.  Really I guess it has just been a few weeks.  I just haven’t felt the need or desire to post much lately so I haven’t.  There’s just really nothing super exciting going on.  Yeah Super Bowl XLII is coming up.  Is really going to be that “super” though?  The Patriots vs the New York Giants.  My guess?  Blowout.  Patriots 48 – Giants 14.  Seriously.  Does anyone really think that they Giants have a shot?  It isn’t becuase I like the Patriots becuase I really don’t.  I really don’t think Tom Brady is that great either.  I mean give Phillip Rivers his offensive line and you have a blowout from the Chargers against the Patriots.   Heck give his offensive line to almost any team in the NFL and you’ve got a standout quarterback.  Brady reminds me of the kid on the playground who is always threatening to take his ball and go home.

But hey…it’s just my opinion.

44, 108 visits in one day…

This is the number of hits I have had today becuase of THIS post. 44, 108 is a LOT of traffic in one day for my little blog. It’s kind of surreal and will soon be over. It will be back to the same boring old blog.

Here is the picture to prove it. And no the days before today weren’t at 0 visits. I usually get 125 a day. It has been unreal. The traffic is still coming in too.