This week was tough on me.  We got a major snow storm so I missed Tuesday and Wednesday nights of working out.  I also made homemade chili and ate it all week.  That would be 2 bowls for lunch and 2 for supper for maybe 3 days last week.  Definitely not good when you’re trying to cut back calories.  So all in all it was a slow week.  Still I lost a little and am a tad-but closer to my goal of 100.  This weeks results:

Last week: 310
This week: 307

Journey total: 94lbs since January of this year. Not too bad considering I took 5 months off and got lazy so I’ve lost the 94lbs in 5.5 months. Not too shabby.

hopefully this will be the week. I’m going to be a food nazi and really watch what i eat and try to get some extra work outs in this week to knock of the remaining 6lbs.