…is to help people.  Honestly I love giving of my time and helping someone if I can really help them.  I had a few opportunities over the past few weeks to help people who were in need.  I loved it.

The first was for Pastor Jay.  Deb called me and wanted to know if I could install a CD player in his car since his didn’t work.  The trick was he wasn’t to know about it and we were talking about it on Tuesday.  I was going to try to put it in on Friday.  I was hoping to have gotten his car from him while mine was in the shop but there was no chance in that happening.  I jut got the vibe that I wasn’t going to be able to convince him to let me drive it for the day.  Wednesday Deb and the kids went to Wal-Mart and picked up the CD player and install kit.  The amazing thing was that the kids KNEW and still kept it a secret.  So two weeks ago on a Friday night they went to eat at a family from church’s house.   So while they were gone I got into the car and installed the CD player.  Jay and the boys were leaving at 4am Saturday morning to go to the Iowa game against Minnesota.  Once they got home he needed to go and fill his car up with gas and when he did – BAM! – there was the new CD player.  He called me and I was already on my way to the gas station to get some mile.  Once I got up there  it was funny to hear his reaction and see the total surprise on his face.

The second was for my parents.  This past week while I was home they wanted me to lead worship, speak and break some things for their youth group.  It was great.  I talked from Ephesians 4 and how we need to leave our old sinful self behind but also how we need to begin a relationship with Christ.  My dad was pretty thankful for me being there.  The night overall was good even though I botched the songs and the message wasn’t that great.  The kids were surprised when I started breaking stuff.  Below is a picture of the stuff I broke.

The third was yesterday.  I went over to Pastor Jay’s and installed an HDTV for him that he bought for their family.  Although the install was simple I enjoyed being able to help them out with it.  I love doing audio visual installs whether they are big or small.

I do love helping people.  I love being an encourager and helping to cheer people on too.