I can’t believe it’s been 9 weeks since I’ve started working out again.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  I have come a long way – even from where I was when I worked out January-April.  I did take May-September off but my stamina is way up.  My intensity on my cardio is way up.  I can tell a hug difference and since this is about me getting to where I want myself to be – I am pretty excited.

So this was the week of Thanksgiving.  I had so many people telling me,

“Just enjoy the week and eat like you used to.”

Are you serious?  And get back into habits I don’t want to be involved in again – EVER?  No way.  I did really well this past week.  I had 2 pieces of pie TOTAL for the week and Thanksgiving day.  Every time I was offered a pop I said no thanks.  I think my family thought I was crazy.  I got a 3 day membership to the “Y” in Burlington and it was worth it.

It was a little awkward working out in an gym I don’t normally work out in.  My cardio suffered a little bit because of how busy they were and the 30 minute time limit on the cardio machines.  So frustrating.  However my time in the weight room was really worth it.  I was able to push through to some plateaus  I have been experience and I started a new back/ bicep workout.  Wow.  I am loving it.

The results of Thanksgiving week are below;

Last week: 321
This week: 318
Total over 9 weeks: 50lbs

Total in my journey so far: 83lbs.

I only have 17 pounds to reaching 100. I should easily hit it by Christmas if not before.