God I come to you recognizing I can do nothing on my own.  Even when I try – I try knowing full well I can’t do anything aside from you.  So why do I try?  I try in my flesh because deep down I think I can do life on my own.  Deep down my will is too strong.  I know you’ve been breaking it – 33 years and counting you’ve been breaking it.

I know I have come so far form where I was.  I am closer to where you want me – closer – just not where you want me.  Or is this where you want me?  In a position to full and whole-heartedly depend on you even through my failures…I want to be moldable and teachable.  Break my will.  Make me into the Godly guy you want me to be – whatever the cost.  Even through pains and heartaches – continue to break me.  Continue to mold me.

I love you more than anything – or at least that’s what I tell myself.  How am I really doing with that?  I know I don’t love you sometimes like I should…help me with that.  Draw me close to you.  Pull me up into your lap never letting me go.  Break me.  Mold me.  Comfort me.  Bring into my life the things you see fit and take the things that aren’t fit for me.

Thanks for loving me the way you do.  I know I don’t make it easy.  Still – you love me.  Keep pulling me – drawing me ever closer until I turn into the man you see in me.