Some people have been asking me what a typical meal looks like for me.  Or how I can eat healthy and still get full on a meal.  It’s pretty easy.  Above is a picture of a typical meal at my house.  Sometimes I do a chicken breast, veggies and yogurt.  Other times I’ll do a sandwich, fruit and yogurt.  For breakfast I’ll have a bar of some kind.  Maybe a Nature Valley or a Cliff Bar (I will also have one of either of these for a snack between meals), an apple or banana and maybe some yogurt.  Some days I’ll just grab a protein shake and drink it on the go.  My meals usually hit between 450-650 calories.  Sometimes when I’m done working out if I haven’t had supper I’ll grab a foot-long chicken breast on wheat and or a foot-long black forest ham on Italian or honey oat from Subway loaded with veggies.  I go in there so much they know how to make my sub without asking.  It just depends on the day and whether or not I will be able to snack between meals.  Sometimes for a snack I’ll do a 100 calorie min-bag of popcorn. I’m not a big popcorn guy so it’s a rare occasion when I do grab some popcorn.

Honestly eating meals like this there are some time when I cant’ finish the meal completely.  It’s pretty satisfying knowing I’m only getting 450-650 calories in one meal.