This is week 4 since i began my journey again.  I’m excited about how it’s going but I feel like it should be going better.  I haven’t been eating my “snacks” between each meal like I should be so maybe I’m getting enough caloric intake right now.  That could be it.  Still I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now.  Still have a long ways to go but I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I think another thing that is keeping me from losing more than what I am right now is that I’m lifting pretty aggressively with free weights right now.  I used to do some power-lifting and I have caught that bud again.  I’m still getting 90 minutes of cardio every day so I think what I’m starting to see is fat to muscle transfer.  I’m starting to notice pretty big differences in my arms, shoulder and my quads right now.  It’s been nice to see some progress being made.

This week I hit it pretty hard.  I didn’t sleep for one night.  We hosted a concert.  Then I got this stupid cold I’m fighting off right now.  On top of that I think I have a stress fracture in my left foot now.  I went running last week and did pretty good.  I got further than I thought I would.  Shortly after running I started getting a stabbing pain across the top of my left foot.  I thought it would go away but hasn’t yet.  So if by next Thursday or Friday it doesn’t go away then I’m going to have it x-rayed to see what is wrong with it.  I can do the elliptical fine.  I’ve been getting 45 minutes done on it lately and I’m bumping that up to 50-60 next week.  I can do the treadmill fine as long as I don’t get above 3.8 mph – then my foot really starts to bother me.  Keep that in your prayers if you would.

Here are the results for this past week:

Last week: 349
This week: 344
Total so far: 24 in 4 weeks

I feel pretty good about how it’s coming along. Still I really want to average between 8-10 each week. Or maybe ave 3-4 double digits weeks in a row. That would be nice. Also I’m growing my beard until I hit 50lbs lost this time around. I’m hoping for that to be at Thanksgiving because honestly my beard drives me nuts.