Last night we had Michael Fugitt down to do a concert for our student ministries.  I love doing concerts/ events.  A ton of work and energy goes into them and honestly sometimes it’s not worth the hassle.  Last night was worth every minute, phone call, detail.  I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Michael and some good time yesterday and this morning.  He’s the real deal.  So many times in Christian music you find bands that don’t want to share the Gospel.  They just want to provide entertainment to your kids and move on.  Michael’s different – his main driving force is the Gospel and the person of the Gospel.

If you are a leader in ministry or a youth pastor you need to get to know Michael.  I get so tired of Christian telemarketers calling and I know first hand when a music act calls most of the time I feel the same way,

“just tell me what you’re selling so I can hang up and go on through my day.”

Michael isn’t selling a product.  In fact he is willing to come into a location on a donation basis becuase he feels the Gospel should never be sold.  He feels so strong about that that he puts a sign by hid CD’s that says,

“CD’s – HONESTLY what you can afford.”

Michael is real.  His ministry is valuable.  Please don’t take my word for it.  Check him out.  Call him up and feel him out and see if he can be a good fit for your ministry.  We will have him back again.  All I’m doing is asking you to check him out.  You won’t regret it.