I began my journey to 100 again this week.  It feels great to be back in the gym and pressing towards being healthier.  I walked 3 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I skipped Thursday and Friday and ate out 3 times in those 2 days.  Not a great idea.  Still I lost some weight this week so that’s a great thing.  This morning I went in and spent 3 hours at the gym.  I did circuit training for 45 minutes, spent 30 on the elliptical and spent the rest of the time with free weights.  I’m pretty sore right now but I feel great.  I’m looking forward to shedding pounds over the next few months.

Here’s my stats:

Starting weight: 368

This week: 365

It’s only a 3 pound loss but with only working out 4 times and eating out for 3 meals I think it’s decent.  Next week I’m hoping for 8-12 pounds dropped.  We will see.