Last week we had a good week at BSM.  We inro’d the topic of TRUTH and how our students are bombarded with false truth’s all around our culture.  Overall it was a good night.  It was the first week we were gym-less.  Our students definitely miss having the gym for games.  It’s just something we’re going to have to work around as we go through the rest of this year.  Some positive things from last week;

  • worship team: our students are stepping up.  Last week as we ended with Mighty to Save our other guitarist (who’s been playing for a little over 1 year now) took over the chorus as I dropped out.  It wasn’t planned.  It was spontaneous.  It was great.  He played through strong and used some dynamics – I’m not even sure he was aware of that.
  • our students: they are still inviting their friends and having success in it.  This year we are trying hard to keep the ‘deep and wide’ idea from Greg Stier.  It’s been really good.  The thing I struggle the most with it is that I always did my messages as purely outreach.  Now we’re going through doctrine and sharing the Gospel as we go through doctrine.  So far it’s working REALLY well – even as I struggle through it.  Students are being challenged and are coming to know Christ.

Last night was definitely better than last week.  As far as the message went.  Last week I felt like I was not very solid in my approach and honestly I had only put about 20 minutes into my prep for it.  Big mistake.  This week I put about 15 hours into my prep work and ended up cutting a few things as I went along.  It was great.

Some positive’s from last night;

  • non-believing students: we get more students who aren’t connected with Christ at all each week.  They keep giving big compliments about what they are hearing and the atmosphere.  I had an encouraging conversation from one kid late last night.  It really got me excited because God is moving in his life right now.
  • worship: it was great last night.  our students were starting to let go and really worship.
  • BSM staff: our leaders are getting as excited as our kids are right now.  God is doing some great things and it’s showing.  Our leaders are desperate for more help right now so recruiting is a pretty big topic we are discussing.  We had a new leader last night and she really enjoyed it.  She’ll add a lot to our already incredible team.

I am blown away by the things God is doing right now.  He’s doing some really cool things.