Last night we had our first MNF (Monday Night Football).  It seemed to go better than last year’s – I think.  Last year we only had about 4 or 5 guys show up at my house to watch the game.  It wasn’t bad – it was just more of a rebuilding time for MNF.  I heard urban-legends about MNF coming into Newell over a year ago.

“Tons of kids come.  It’s a blast!”

Last fall our leaders who were doing it decided to step away from hosting MNF.  Our numbers dropped significantly.  I do think there’s a correlation there.  I was new – the students didn’t really know me that well so they didn’t show up at my house.  I don’t blame them.  It’s always a little awkward getting to know someone new.  I canceled my cable account over 8 months ago and I’m still receiving flack over it.  It’s funny because I receive the most flack form our SP.   I lived without cable tv for 6 years.  The last year I was in Ogallala I caved and subscribed only to find I was never home enough to justify the monthly bill.  So when I moved to Newell I got cable again.  I found I had the time to watch tv but honestly I would rather be reading, playing my guitar, doing something outside or working out.  So I canceled my subscription and gained $50 a month back into my pocket.  It’s been a great change for me.  If I want to watch something I can just do Hulu here in my office.

So since I wasn’t hosting MNF this year one of my couples that are leaders volunteered their house.  Last night was a great night.  We had 25 youth show up for the night AND it was a great game.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with our students again next week for MNF.  The coolest part of the night?  A few new kids coming in who either haven’t come to BSM yet or won’t come.  I loved meeting some new students last night.