God is continuing to do some great things.   We had another great week at BSM.  This week we continued our talk on ‘Developing A Worldview’ – more importantly aligning our worldview with God’s.  We are using the Fuel 2 curriculum to help us this first part of the school year.

Below are my thoughts on this week –

Announcements/ Games: Jordan is getting better each week with the upfront announcements and video of the week.  He’s gaining some more confidence each week and you can tell.  He did a good job with the games this week as well.  The thing I like about what he did this time was give the instructions of the game while we were downstairs before moving up into the gym.  It helped get the game going faster  once we were up in the gym.

Students: I am so impressed with our students right now.  We’ve got kids inviting their friends AND their friends are starting to come.  We had 4 students last night who had never been there.  I talked to one of our students via Facebook last night when I got home and he asked me, “What do we do when we run out of room?”  What a great question.  I told him we needed to start praying that a building becomes available for a student ministry center.  It’s so heavy on my heart right now.  So this Sunday in Sunday School he’s going to suggest to the group that we pray for a building or some solution to our problem of growing.

Leaders: Our leaders did a great job last night of interacting with the new students.  It was really encouraging to see them talking with those that came for the first time this week.  I think they are really starting to feel burdened for our students.

The Message: I did ok last night.  I could have done better.  I have felt rushed the past few weeks to get it in.  I am trying to come up with a good way to scale back on some things so that God’s Word becomes more of the focus.  God’s Word has to be taught.  We can’t slack off in that at all.

Overall this past week was a good week.  Our students are so excited right now and that is really cool to see.  Time to start gearing up for next week!