Soemthing I want to try to do this school year is offer a brief overview of our student ministry (BSM) for the week.  I missed week one so I’m combing week 1 and 2 together.

Week 1: Things went really well.  Our students invited their friends and some of their friends showed up.  It was really cool to see God bring in 50 students into BSM last week.  We are NOT about the numbers in attendance.  For us it was a big week because we normally have 20-30 combined junior high and senior high.  This year we are doing both together and we are doing bible studies on Sunday nights.  Week 1 went really well.  I spent over an hour on Facebook talking to some of our students after last Wednesday night.  They were really excited about what went on last week.

Week 2: Things went really well again this last week.  We had 2 new students this week – which was great to see.  There wasn’t a lot different from week 1.  Our students in leadership stepped up once again and did a great job with the tasks that they volunteered to do.  This week was smoother than last week.

I shared the Gospel and we had 4 students trust Christ this past week.  Now begins the job of follow up.  I have already talked to all four and am trying to get them plugged into small groups and walk them through a new believers study as well.  So far the first 2 weeks have been really exciting.  We’ll see what happens in the weeks to come.