This past Friday I had the privilege of going to the final court hearing of my nieces adoption.  On the way back from Burlington on Saturday we (myself, Jordan, Abe and Carl) played disc golf and did some site seeing on the way back to Newell.  It was a long day.  We set out at 10am and got home a little past midnight.  It was a blast though.

We played 72 holes of disc golf from Thursday-Saturday.  We also made some other random stops along the way.

Friday it rained all morning so instead of playing disc golf we went to Fun City.  Below are some pics of Fun City.

We bowled at King Pins.


We rode the indoor go-karts at the Zoom and played some video games at the Arcadium in Fun City as well.


Saturday morning we left Burlington and did some site seeing as well as some disc golfing.

This first picture is of Snake Alley in Burlington.  Snake Alley is the “crookedest street in the world.”  You can’t go to Burlington and not go down Snake Alley…we did it 3 times.


While we were in Fairfield Carl and I were trying to tell Jordan and Abe about the Maharishi people and their dome of levitation.  They wouldn’t believe us.   So since we were in Fairfield we drove by the campus.

This is Maharishi ‘Dome of Pure Knowledge and Enlightenment.’


This is a Maharishi ‘Tower of Invincibility.’  I’m not making this up.  Read the sign on the side of it.


Eldon, IA is on the way back so we stopped at the ‘American Gothic House’ as well.  This is the house in the background of the painting ‘American Gothic.’

gothic house

It was a fun trip.  I have a funny feeling we’ll be going that way with more students in future.