Last Thursday we left for Omaha, NE for our mission trip.  We decided this year to go on the Urban Plunge again.  Urban Plunge is a weekend experience of working with homeless ministries in Omaha.  Overall it was a good trip and a good experience.  Our students were able to be stretched beyond their comfort zones as they were serving Christ.

I think the highlights of the weekend were no doubt Angels on WheelsAngels on Wheels is a food/ prayer ministry for the homeless people of Omaha.  They meet every Friday night at the Francis House and serve food and pray with the homeless people of Omaha.  It is a really cool opportunity to really be able to interact with people who are down and out.  It is no doubt the favorite of our group.

We also went to the Hope Center and Hope Skate.  This really struck me more than anything.  It’s a youth center with a roller skating rink.  On Friday nights they open up Hope Skate to the community as a safe haven for people to come in and find refuge even if for a couple of hours on a Friday night.  Hope Skate is in the roughest area of Omaha.

Saturday night my allergies started kicking in full force and Sunday is pretty much a blur for me.  We would probably go back again for the plunge.  We would definitely go back to help out with Angels on Wheels though.