Last week was VBS for us.  We did the Amazon Expedition from Answers in Genesis.  Last week drained me pretty good.  I was up early every day so I could come over and get some things ready to go for the music portion of the days.  All in all it was a good VBS.  I think I heard there were around 80 kids here each day.  The kids (well the adults) also raised $1k for one of our missionaries to buy books to ship back to Kosovo so that was pretty cool too.

All this last week our kids learned about creation and how everything came to be through God not evolution.  It was a good week.  our kids were able to learn about things that are not taught in schools and are most likely rejected by the schools.  We had some good questions coming from the kids as well.  They learned about how the earth is 6,000 years old and not millions of years old and how carbon dating doesn’t really work since the earth wasn’t in existence over 6k years ago.