At the beginning of this last week I decided it was time to start hitting the gym and eating right once again.  So I stocked up on fruit, yogurt, whole grain breads and low fat meats.  I only made it to the gym 1 day this week – yesterday.  However this summer I have taken up golf once again and have decided to not rent a cart to ride in everytime I go.  This summer i made the investment in a pull cart so I can walk each round.  What a difference walking it makes.  Not only do I shoot lower scores it is a pretty good workout.

This week hasn’t been a great week workout wise but I’m not too far off of where I was 2 months ago (my last weigh-in post).  I was pretty excited about that this morning.  My summer has already been busy with umpiring baseball 3 nights a week and golfing.  So I’m trying to force myself to get up early and be in the gym by 6am so I can get my 2 hour workouts done and still be in the office by 9am.

Here is the result of my weigh-in today;

Last post: 339

This week: 343

So I’m only up 4 pounds over 2 months.  That’s not bad at all.