It was 1 year ago tonight that I arrived in Newell.  Alright so my first night was technically in Storm Lake.  One year ago I left a great church in Ogallala, NE because God called me away from there and to another great church in Newell.  I do miss some things about out west but I am very grateful that God has me where I am at.  God never ceases to amaze me – and this has been one of those experiences for me.

Here are some of the great things about Bethel;

  • atmosphere: everyone here has been really friendly to me since I have arrived.  Believe me the ‘honey moon’ is over – still everyone has been really good to me.  when you come in on a Sunday morning you can tell that our congregation cares.  There’s a great atmosphere on Sunday mornings.
  • worship: We have two worship teams that rotate on a monthly basis.  One month on one month off and it works really well.  I have been handed the reigns of our worship ministry over the past 6 months.  Bethel is very blessed to have the level of talent we have on both teams.  Not just the level of talent but the hearts behind the talent as well.  It has been a pleasure to work with both teams and see us grow together and grow in the ministry we have.
  • BSM: BSM (Bethel Student Ministries) is vastly different than where I came from. I really appreciate what we have here at Bethel with our student ministry.  We are making some changes and progress with our students and it is exciting to see.
  • peers: we have a good sized ‘young adult’ group within our church body and that has been a blessing for me.  To have people close to my age has been really nice.  I can’t say I’m good friends with everyone but I have gotten to know a few – I think fairly well.  I really appreciate the friendships I have made with them.  The willingness to pray for each and just hang out and talk has been really incredible and encouraging to me.

It has been 1 year and I am greatful to be here.