I recently wrote a post about a new song I have been working on.  I finally have a second ver for it.  Here’s the interesting thing.  I got it recorded in a really, really rough form.  So on Twitter I asked my Tweeps (those following me) if they would be willing to listen to it.  A few of them took me up on it.  One guy, Justin, got a hold of me and said his band would be willing to get together and lay some instruments behind what I did.  So I gave him the go ahead and then he sent it back to me.

It’s still extremely rough but it gives me a good idea of what it could sound like with a band behind it.  If you want to take a listen click here to hear it.  I have never liked my voice and this is no exception.  I do however like the concept behind the song.  Nothing will probably ever come of anything I write and I realize that.  Still it’s fun to write once in a while.  Leave your feedback in the comments section.  I would love to hear your constructive criticism of it.