I am getting excited as fall is really not that far away.  We are making a big change within our student ministry here at Bethel.  All 22 of our 8th graders will be freshman next year leaving us with 1 7th grader going into the 8th grade and maybe 3-4 sixth graders going into the 7th grade.  So we have made the decision to combine the middle school and high school ministries next year.  This really was a team effort from the leadership team of BSM (Bethel Student Ministries).

I know there are some questions and some logistical things to consider and talk about and those will be addressed in the coming months.  Here are some reason we are making the change:

Outreach: One of the MAJOR reasons we are making this move is so we can be more outreach focused with CHAOS (high school ministry).  Wednesday nights are still considered ‘church’ night in our area and sports practices are out early so kids can go to church.  This really opens up our potential base for students coming in over Sunday nights where we compete with open gym at the high school.

Sunday nights: We miss 50% of the Sunday nights through the year becuase of different church functions where we can’t have youth group becuase of an event or meeting going on.  We will move our discipleship groups to Sunday nights.  Hopefully some of our groups will make the choice to meet on other nights or even possibly in the morning before school.

Leadership: We want our juniors and seniors to be able to step up and have leadership opportunities over our middle school students.  We want our middle school students to see that you can be sold out for Christ, make a difference and still be cool while doing it.  This is where our older students can step up and have a bigger impact on the lives of younger students.

Overall we feel this change is vitally important to the health of BSM.   As leaders we are excited about this change.  We are even already planning a back to school bash for this next fall.  A concert of sorts and already have one confirmed band to come and play.  It’s going to be a great night for our students to bring their friends to to not only have fun but also hear the Gospel from someone much cooler than me.