I have been working on a song for about a month now.  I now have the first verse and chorus done.  I always feel funny writing songs.  There’s only so many ways we can sing of our love to God.  I actually really like how this one is flowing so far.  I do this mostly for me to continue to sharpen my musical skills.  It is far from being done.  It’s still pretty rough and it’s a different vocal style than what I am used to.  I like it – but hey I’m supposed to  guess.  Here’s what I have for lyrics so far;

verse 1:

we’ve come to lift the name of Christ

we’ve come to honor the Most High

we come calling on Your name

we’ve come expecting great things

let our praises rise to you

let our praises rise to You

as we sing


Holy, holy are you God

Worthy, worthy is the lamb

You’re faithful, just and true

Holy, holy are you God

Eventually it may have a second verse.  Possibly a bridge.  It’s still in it’s early form.  So far though I’m liking it.