I’m not talking about U2’s song ‘Vertigo’ either…although it does give me a headache and the video makes me just as dizzy.  I have heard people talk about getting vertigo and how it’s like you’re on an amusement park ride or something.  Believe me.  They lied.

I’m into day 4 of having vertigo and I have to tell you I hate it.  I have been out of my house 3 times I think in the past 4 days for maybe a total of an hour – combined.  Is it really like an amusement park ride?  I guess – if you severe headaches and the feeling that you’re going to fall or passout at any give minute.  Seriously there’s not much relief from it.  Doens’t matter if you’re standing or sitting.  Vertigo’s still there for ya.

Instead of calling it vertigo why not name it something that works better for it.  Something like, “Oh man that sucks!” Because honestly it does.  About the only good thing to come from this is I have been able to watch quite a few movies over the past few days.  Good thing my movie library is a little over 300 strong.  Speaking of 300 – I just finished it and was reminded, once again, of why it is an awesome movie.  I did score some chicken cordon bleu and some rubarb pie.  So good.

I am going to try to make it church tommorrow.  That’s a pretty big try right now.