We (the pastoral staff) attended the RHMA Pastor’s Conference last week in Morton, IL.  While we were there we had the priviledge in meeting Walter Kaiser.

I had heard a lot about Dr. Kaiser while I was in Ogallala.  Every time Eric knew he was speaking at a Mid-West E-Free meeting he would encourage us to go and listen to him.  I wish I had now.  When you think of great theologias often times I think they will be hard to understand when they speak.  Dr. Kaiser has a great delivery method and is a great communicator.  Dr. Kaiser is a very smart man and is a heavy hitter in doctrine and theology, especially in the Evangelical Free world as he was a seminary professor at Trinity Evangelical School of Divinity for many years.  Tuesday morning in the second session we were sitting in the row in front of Dr. Kaiser.  There was a joke made about Teddy Kennedy and Martha’s Vineyard and Dr. Kaiser and Jay were the only 2 laughing at it and an immediate bond was made.  Dr. Kaiser leaned up and said something to Jay and they began talking.  We talked to him at a few of the breaks.  He is a really nice 76 year old man.

At supper we  were sitting down and Dr. Kaiser and his wife saw us and came over and asked if they could sit with us.  It was pretty cool having supper with him listening to him talk just about life in general.  He has a great sense of humor.  Eventually Jay asked him if he would be willing to do a seminar on revival here in Newell and he said he would be interested in it.

It seemed like every time we turned around the Kaiser’s were right there after that point.  Wednesday evning we had supper with his oldest son and him and I were able to talk about youth ministry.  He has a pretty cool story of how their youth ministry started within the church he is currenty at.  It sounds like God is doing some really amazing things there right now in the live of their church and their youth.

Honestly Kaiser was my favorite over Blackaby.  For being 76 he still has a lot of energy and his humor his funny…but more than that you can tell he is a man who loves God, His Word and teaching it.