I have been waiting to make a post on the music of the RHMA conference we went to last week.  I had to really have a better attitude about it honestly.  So I have done some thinking and praying about it and here is my honest criticism of the way the music was done there.  I understand that music is subjective and everyone is entitled to doing it their way.  I know I take some liberties once in a while but something about it just rubbed me the wrong way.  I loved the speakers at the conference but I found myself having to do a lot of praying through the times of music.

I know I am not the best worship leader.  I do know the difference between leading songs and leading worship though.  I really didn’t feel like we were being lead in worship.  Maybe I’m being too critical but our staff felt the same thing.

The leader just seemed to be very degrading towards us the whole time.  It seemed like we were being talked down to at each session when it was time for the songs.  He talked at one point about how we change songs and speed them up and how it was ‘blasphemous’ to do that.  Then we sang a modern song that was originally composed at a moderately fast pace has as fast as it was written.  Have you ever sung ‘Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord’ at the same pace as a song like ‘As The Deer’?  We did.  I thought it was blasphemous to change a song like that?

At one point in the week an announcement was made to turn all phones off becuase some community people came the night before and left them on.  Then the song leader went into one of the ‘quiet rooms’ at the host church and left his ringer on and talked on the phone through a sessions while people in attendance at the conference were trying to sit and take in what the speakers were saying.

The thing that really irritated me was when I was called ‘ignorant’  from the stage becuase I don’t know what it means to “raise my Ebeneezer.”   I was so mad when he said, “and they changed these words in the hymnal becuase some people are ignorant and don’t know what it means.”  I was so mad.  To take shots at people from a point when you’re supposed to be leading into the presence of God I just couldn’t take it.  I am thinking of writing a letter to the RHMA organization about it.  It just really bothered us while we were there.

The whole week we sang songs from old revivals.  Now I love hymns….I really do. But there are some great modern revival songs that  have been written.  We never once sang any of those which I thought was ironic since they were talking about sparking a modern day revival.   The way the music was done just rubbed me wrong all week.  Other than that it was a great conference and I would like to go back.