I received an email from International Messengers yesterday.  IM is the organization I went to Poland through.  I felt horrible for being sick and was wondering how God would use me.  This email confirms that he used me in some big ways for the missionaries.  I was so humbled and excited to get this email.  Here it is below;

Dear Chris and Leadership of Bethel Baptist Church;

WE wanted to pass on our sincere appreciation for the work that Chris did at our recent annual missionary staff conference in Poland.   He led the worship team with integrity and a sensitivity that made it all work, merging musicians from different country locations on short notice.  We’re grateful for the humility and God-honoring heart that Chris had in his style of leading worship for our missionary group.  It was a job well done, and we so appreciate how Chris worked through his cold & illness to get the work done in a Spirit-filled way.

Thank you for allowing him to come.  Thanks, Chris, for the excellent work amongst us.  May the Lord bless your ministry there and greatly increase your tribe!

In Christ’s care and grace,

Darwin and Darlis Anderson

This was a really cool email to get.  I am honored to have been able to go and minister to the missionaries in the way that I did.  I would love to do something like this again someday.