I have been back in the states for 3 days now.  My time in Poland was so good but I am very glad and excited to be back at home here in Newell continuing on with what God is doing.  I thought I would poast a little bit about Poland and why I was there over  a series of posts.

I was invited by a friend of mine (Bob Hageman) to go to Poland and lead worship to the International Messengers Staff Conference in Poronin, Poland for a few days.  It had been about 7 years since I had been over there and was excited to get the invite.  Our deacons were very gracious in letting me go on the trip.  My main objetive was to lead worship in english for the missionaries on staff.  Some of them only get to worship in their native tongue of english once a year and some twice a year.  This is something we really take for granted here in America.  I was glad to be part of a team from the US to be an encouragement to those who are away from their families and friends working and slaving hard for Christ in a dark nation.  There were people there from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and of course Poland.  It was really cool to see everyone and meet people from different countries and hear their hearts for mnistry.

Below are some pictures from the facility we were at in Poronin.  It really was a beautiful place with beautiful surroundings.