I can’t beleve I have been in Poland for 3 days now.  My time here has gone by so fast.  Poronin is a beautiful little mountain village town here in Poland.  Everything here has gone really well so far.  We have lead worship for 3 sessions now and it has been great.  I was a little nervous about coming and having to play with guys I had never met but they are great musicians.  I will post some pictures and share a little more in depth about my time here once I get back to Newell. 

The food has been – interesting to say the least.  There was this purple stuff that um, well, wasn’t the greatest.  At least I tried it!  I drank some water this morning – I’m beginning to think that wasn’t a wise choice.  I guess I will find out here in a little bit.

For those of you who are praying for me – Thank You!  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.  I have lots of stories to share when I get back.  Some of them are great too.