I am fascinated by what can happen in 15 years.  I was showing some people my senior pictures from high school.  Usually the first reaction I get is, “That can’t be you!!”  Tobe honest I didn’t look much like my senior picture by the time I was a sophmore in college.   My body has gone through several major changes over the course of my life.  I went from 5’3″ weighing 156 pounds my 8th grade year to 5’8″ weighing 130 pounds the start of my freshman year of high school.  By the time I graudated as a senior I was 5’11” and weighed 210.  At the end of my sophmore year of college I had stopped growing but weigh 235 becuase of all of the weightlifting I was doing.

I got into powerlifting a few years out of college and put on some muscle mass and got to 300 at the peack of my powerlifting.  Then I stoped when I got into the ministry and ate a LOT of fast food ballooning up to 400 pounds over the course of 7-8 years.  Now I’m in the fight of my life trying to get back to 275.  Right now I’m at 339.  So I feel pretty good about that.

I will never look like my senior picture again – which in my opinion is a good thing.