So last week was pretty frustrating for me with the whole scale thing.  I have come to accept it now but still it stinks.  This week I amped up my cardio a little more and began the C25K running program.  I could tell a big difference over the past 2 days just in the fact that I am almost down another notch on my belt.  I’m expecting to be down to the next notch by the end of this week or part way through next week.  That’s pretty exciting stuff right there.

More people are notcing and commenting which makes you feel like you are accomplishing something.  I really think I have a chance at winning the regional competition at Anytime Fitness (my gym).  If I can keep up a week like this week I’ll win hands down I think.

Last week: 349

This week: 339

That’s a 10 pound loss and 61 total in 10 weeks.  I’m pretty excited about that.