I have been in vocational ministry for just about 11 years now.  I have definitely seen my fair share of bloopers or mishaps that have happened both behind the scenes and live.  So I have decided to start a new series on my blog called “Ministry Mishaps.”  Maybe you have some you would like to share just email them to me at youthchris@gmail.com and they may get posted as well.  Spread the word – I am sure there are a ton of them that have happened.

Sometimes these bloopers actually get in the way of people hearing the Gospel clearly and sometimes they are down right funny.  Sometimes they even give people a bad perception of what the “Church”  really looks like…maybe even possible damaging the reputation of Christ.  There are so many types of mishaps and all are welcome here.

So if you have some mishaps to share or know of someone who does tell them to email them to me at youthchris@gmail.com