Sometimes in life you get an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do.  A little over a month ago this happened to me.  I was asked (by my friend Bob) if I would be willing to fly to Poland and lead worship for Internationals Staff Conference during the first week of April.  So I talked with our pastor about it and asked our Deacons and everyone was on board with it.

So Wednesday April 1 I fly out of Des Moines to start my trek to Poland.  I have to say – I am getting pretty excited about going.  I was surprised when I was asked to go.  Some people have asked me why I am going.  My answer is simple, “I want to be a yes man for God.”  It’s true though.  I want to do what God wants me to do.  So April 1-April 7 the blog will be fairly quiet.  I doubt I will have internet access up in the mountains where I am going.  I have to say – it is an absolutely beautiful place as pictured above.  Yeah that’s the hotel we will be having the conference at with the mountains behind it.

I like to call it suffering for Jesus.