I’m pretty frustrated right now.  The batteries in my scale died a few days ago so I replaced them.  No big deal right?  Well now my scale is weighing me 15 pounds heavier than it did before the batteries died.  No joke!  I’m pretty frustrated right now.  Part of me feels like all of the hard work I have done has been for almost nothing.  On the other hand I am continuing to see results of my weight loss in the small things.  Like the belt I wore this past Sunday.  3 weeks ago I could BARELY get to notch 2 on the belt.  This past Sunday I was on the fourth notch of the belt.  Or in the belt I am wearing right now.  It was given to me and I haven’t been able to wear it.  I couldn’t even get it buckled on the first notch 3 weeks ago and now I’m almost on notch 3 of the thing.  The new pair of jeans I bought last month are getting nasty baggy on me.  The new dress pants I bought at the same time are getting too big as well.  So I see the results in everything – except my scale now.  I’m pretty frustrated right now.

So my guess is that my scale has been 15 pounds off the whole time – at least this is my guess so I am going to go back and update my posts to reflect this.  Is that wrong?

So this weeks weigh-in will look pretty bad compared to last week.

last week:  357

this week: 349

It’s an 8 pound loss after adjusting the weights.  This is what I am sticking with.

I’m pretty frustrated right now.