I am moving my weigh-in days to Tuesday.  The contest over at Pastor2Youth has made Tuesday their weigh-in day.  So now I am going to need to readjust to make Tuesdays my weigh-in day.  I’m  hoping I will not see a decline in the weight I have been losing.

I know what you’re thinking, “How will moving it up 3 days affect your wiegh-in?”  I’m not sure how it works.  I do know that I can weigh-in Tuesday morning and then again Saturday on my official weigh-in days and there will be a good difference.  Sometimes through midweek my scale says I have actually gained weight when I haven’t.  Sometimes you have an “up” day. I am hoping that if I have a week of not much lost or nothing lost that then the next week I will drop a pretty good double digit number.  That would be awesome.