About a month ago we were in our staff meeting and Jay (our pastor) asked Gary and I  if we would mind preaching in series with him as we are going through Ephesians.  I really liked the idea so I agreed to it.  He then told me I would be preaching on Ephesians 2:4-7 on March 8.  So I jokingly said “We should just make it a youth lead service.”  Everyone agreed and the panic set in for me.

That week I began getting the word out to the youth that we would be leading the service in everything.  They were pretty excited and nervous about it – but they all signed up to fill spots to help serving in the service.

Our youth service was this past Sunday.

I was so prooud of our students.  Everyone showed up and filled their spot and did a great job.  They greeted, ushered, did the call to worship,  announcements, the prelude music, the offertory, lead worship with a full youth worship band.  I did the sermon.  It was funny to hear comments from the older people as they came in, “Wow.  It looks like they are doing everything this morning!”  We didn’t announce that this was going to happen so no one really knew until they that the youth were leading in everything.  It was great to see the reactions.

After the service we went to Godfathers and had pizza as well.  All in all it was a blast.  The kids did a great job.  I am very proud of them.