I have had a bad week.  I got really sick after this last weekend.  I am not sure if it was the flu or what.  I never got sick to my stomach but I did sleep for 18 hours the other day.  On top of that i had to take my car in becuase the drivers door wouldn’t open or unlock.  So for the last week I have been climbing through the passenger side door and across the console to get in.  My week has stunk.

However – I am so impressed with our students right now.  My week just got a LOT better.   Our  CHAOS (high school) students are starting to be on a Holy terror with sharing the Gospel with their friends right now.   Who doesn’t want their students out sharing the Gospel with their friends?  This is so cool to see after coming back from Dare 2 Share this past weekend.  It’s encouraging to see students take their faith seriously and start to pursue their friends with the Gospel.

So far some really cool things have been happening and this is just the beginning I think.  So far;

  • a student lead a guy to Christ @ Wal-Mart
  • a student has given 2 Bibles away to her friends
  • one of our guys got into a conversation with one of his friends on his bus ride home – another student over heard that conversation
  • one of our students is pursuing some friends through Facebook

These are small steps but HUGE steps at the same time. We are starting to talk about a once a month celebration of Gospel stories and combine the middle school and high school.   We want to celebrate both in success and in rejection so that we can hold those conversations up in prayer and encourage each other in our journey of sharing our faith.   How amazing would it be to have 1 night a month to worship together, encourage each other, pray for each other and challenge each other to continue to share our stories of God’s REDEEMING love with others?

God is pretty awesome.