This weekend we went to Dare 2 Share and had an amazing time.  Our students had a blast as we learned about becomin ‘invincible’ and putting on the armor of God.  They used a lot of the imagery from ‘Iron Man’ throughout the conference and it was awesome.  I think all of our students are taking the 5 Friend Challenge – in trying to share their faith with at least 5 of the non-believing friends.

One of our girls was at Wal-Mart today with her mom and her mom ‘dared’ her to go over to this random guy and share the Gospel with him.  So she did AND he accepted Christ right there in Wal-Mart!  How cool is that?  God is already using our students to reach Buena Vista County one life at a time.  So cool to see this happening.

Of course the highlight of the weekend for me was the youth leader training by Greg.  He talked about how we can help our students live out and share the Gospel with their friends and how it HAS to start with us as leaders.   If we aren’t actively sharing the Gospel then our students won’t either!  That is so true.   After the training I went up and talked to Greg and introduced myself to him as the guy who wrote a post about having a ‘man crush’ on him.  It was great to meet someone that I really admire.  The cool thing is that I have a few friends who know him so we talked about our connections with them as well.  The coolest thing about Greg is that he is down to earth.

I am excited to see what God does with our students as we move from here.