This has been a short week for me.  Instead of weighing in tomorrow I did it this morning since we are leaving for Dare 2 Share in a little over and hour and a half.  I tried hard to bump up my cardio again ths week and to eat a little more than last week.  I have still been having shin splints this week but finally today it seems like they are gone.  That was a huge blessing for me.  I have increased the difficulty level on the eliptical to 12 out of 15 so I am definitely making progress there.

In the end it looks like it payed off for me.  Below are the results of my weigh-in this week;

Last week’s weight = 348

This week’s weights = 340

I dropped 8 pounds this week.  It feels good to see the 8 back on the scale compared to last weeks 4.  Still I will take a 4 pound loss anyweek.  It feels pretty surreal to say I have lost 48 pounds in 6 weeks and now I am only 2 pounds away from th 50 pound loss mark.  All I can say is that I am really excited.  I am the lightest I have been in 7 years now.