I am pretty excited about the progress I am making in my journey to lose some weight.  More people are starting to come up and tell me how they can see that I am losing weight.  Honestly that feels pretty good!  I’m doing this for ME though.  For years I have put others first and have not taken care of myself as far as being in shape.

I am excited this week though.  As of yesterday I am officially down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size.  I was needing some motivation and that’s just what I needed to keep it up.  Now that I can really start to see the fruits of my labor I am wanting to achieve my goal of 80 pounds lost by summer.  I think I’m going to reach it easily actually.  I am just pretty excited about all of it.

Some of you have been prayng for me as I do this and I GREATLY appreciate it.   your continued prayer through this is also greatly appreciated.