Last year I wrote my ‘Ode to Valentines Day: Part 1’ and had some success with it.  So this year I have decided to write Part 2 in this saga.  It’s not that I am jaded – because I am not…not fully jaded anyway.  So here it is…my ‘Ode to Valentines Day: Part 2.’

Oh Valentines Day – you think you are so smart

You say you are all about love but are you really?

Love is not what you are about

I know your evil plan is really about loving money

Oh Valentines Day you don’t care about people just yourself

You capitalize on one day of the year to wreck the lives of many by promoting a false ‘love’

From the pits of Hell you have come,

Full of stench and meaningless

Oh Valentines Day if you are  a day of bringing people together for the sake of love

What has happened with your mascot Cupid?

For he is single and not in love!

Do you really think shooting arrows at people is a loving thing to do?

I think it’s nothing short of attempted murder!

Why if I ran around shooting arrows at people from a bow I would surely be arrested!!

Oh Valentines Day you have not pulled the wool over my eyes.

I remain enlightened to your evil plan

Your plan of self-promotion and self-lusting

Oh Valentines Day you have not gotten the best of me!