This afternoon I spent some time re-typing and polishing my ‘plan’ for a student ministry center someday.  Right now it’s a dream…but I love dreaming.  When I go for something in life I swing for the fences and this is no rare occasion.  The longer I am in student ministry to more I see the need for something like this…especially in our community right now.  There is such a huge need fora place where students can hangout, has a non-threatening atmosphere where students can hear the Gospel in a real relevant way to their culture.  My heart really breaks for a place like this.

Like I say right now it’s a dream.  It’s a HUGE dream that only God can make happen.  So that’s where it’s at.  It’s in God’s hands right now.  All I can do is pray it through and see if God says ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  Honestly a place like this would be stinking sweet.