I missed two days of workouts this week.  I missed Sunday becuase of our Super Bowl Party.  I didn’t go in Wednesday because I was drained from the week.  I hadn’t been sleeping very good but got it figured out that it was becuase I was getting home around 11pm from my workouts and my body was too wired to go to sleep.  So I switched to morning workouts and now I’m sleeping like a rock again.

I have been eating a little more this week – basically making sure I get my snacks in to hit 2100-2300 calories in my day.  I have also been drinking a little more water.  I was a little worried about stepping on the scale this morning when I got home from working out.  I just wish I hadn’t missed those two days this week.

Here  are my last 4 weigh-ins starting with the first;

  • 400 (starting weight) [technically doesn’t count as a ‘weigh-in’
  • 390 (1st ‘official’ weigh-in  working out)
  • 380 (2nd week)
  • 374 (this past Saturday)
  • 367 today.  That’s 7 pounds this week and I MISSED 2 DAYS!  I’m pretty excited about this.

Total weight lost to date: 33 pounds in 4 weeks.

I would say things are going alright with my weight loss so far.  I’m hoping for a double digit week this week.