Yesterday we had our annual Super Bowl Party.  It was insane.  We had 120 students in attendance – which wasn’t bad at all.  There was plenty for them to do as well;

  • giant trikes
  • coffee shop
  • guitar praise
  • Wii Sing-It (High School Musical version)
  • Dance Praise
  • foosball
  • the game on an 8’x10′ screen
  • air hockey
  • and of course free food.

The game itself was great.  The kids who watched it were into it so that was good to see.  Halftime went really well.  I was a little leary going into the night knowing I was up for the halftime “show” breaking a baseball bat, rolling 3 skillets and bursting 4 cans of Diet 7Up with my hands.  I took some time before halftime and walked outside to pray.  The last thing I wanted was to be the focus.  It was sweet though.  I did it all to the song ‘Breathe Into Me’ by Red.  It was awesome.  The song starts soft and then hits like a big hammer when it comes in – that’s when I burst the first can of pop – right when the musc gets real loud.  I got through all 4 cans of pop with ease. After the first can the kids were going crazy.  It was so loud.  The bat gave me a hard time so I hit it on the floor and snapped it and the handle came back and busted me in the nose.  The pans went pretty quick.

After I was done I shared a little bit of my story and went into the Gospel.  You could have hear a pin drop on the carpet.  They were so quiet.  As one of my leaders said, “Man you had them eating out of your hand.  It was amazing they were so quiet.”  We had 2 students accept Christ last nigh.  It was a total success.

Today I am a little sore.  My chest is pretty sore as well as my wrists.  I do have a minor scrape on my left hand from the cans of pop.  I would do it again in a heart beat

We had many people come in and help set-up and tear down this weekend.