Today I am going to Sioux City to pick up the ‘giant trikes’ for the trike races at our Super Bowl Party.  Tomorrow we will have a small army meet us here at the church to transform our church into the ultimate Super Bowl Party atmosphere.  It takes a lot of work (from what I am told) to transform our building into a house of fun for Sunday night.  Since this is my first year for this (here) I am looking forward to it and seeing how it goes together and works.  Our students are pretty excited about it and are inviting their friends.  I have been told we have 125-200 students each year who come to this event.  I love big group events so this will be right up my alley.

Pray for us Sunday during halftime.  I will be sharing the Gospel and we are praying it has a HUGE impact on those that are here.  Pray that this is the biggest attendance we hav ever seen at one of our Super Bowl Parties.  If anything we want to plant as many seeds as possible.  Pray for safety.  With this many kids anything can happen – and sometmes does.  I know this from prior experience with large groups.  It must be Murphy’s Law for big groups – always expect the unexpected becuase if it can happen it probably will.