Fire Escape is our middle school ministry.  Last night we had a great night.  I have decided to ramp games back up and it really helped a lot.  We played ‘Dive Bombers’ and of course dodgeball.   Dive Bombers didn’t work so well.  Basically you divide the students into 2 teams.  You then have them sit against each side wall of the gym.  The last perosn in the line puts a styrofoam cu on their head.  The goal is for each team to knock the other teams cup off – first team to 5 points wins.  It pretty much bombed.

Then we played a “quick” game a of dodgeball with some minor adjustments:

  • there were no jail breaks (no one could get back in the game at any point)
  • once half of each team was out we moved the back boundary line up to the free throw lines on each side
  • if the ball bounced off the wall or ceiling and hit you BEFORE it hit the floor you were out

The kids loved it.  The new “twists” added some new elements and the game went fairly quick.

Last night as a whole was a success really.  We had more excitement and energy I think.  I talked to the kids about truly worshipping God and letting go when we sing and really sing.  With a little coaching they finally got caught up in worshipping through song and really worshipped last night.  It was pretty incredible actually.  They were belting the songs out like they meant it.  It was great.

The lesson was pretty good too.  Geoff does a good job with the lessons.  I felt like the kids were a little more engaged last night which was a good thing.  That’s one thing we are really working on the second half of the year – engaging the students and challenging them to walk in their faith.