A day or so after the election I wrote a post about why I will support President Obama as he comes into office and serves his term or terms.  Re-reading and praying this morning I still stand behind what I wrote.  I would encourage you to read or re-read it again.  It’s not that I am a great thinker but I do know that God’s Word is truth and guides us and that’s why I wrote it.

This morning I was praying for President Obama.  Below is my prayer for him;

“O, God today history unfolds before us.  Even though I am not sure Obama is the right man for our country – we know that you appoint rulers and kings for certain times in history.  Father you have appointed Obama and I will support him in as much as I can.  I pray that he is a believer in you and if he is not place solid Christian people around him that can point him to you.

O, God I pray that he is better for us than we think.  Let this be a good thing for our country.  Let this be a good thing for believers.  Father if it turns out that it’s not a good thing for those who love you help us to be gracious yet firm in standing for what we believe in under the face of persecution – if it so comes to that.  You have heard our cries and you know what’s best for us at this time.  I have all faith and trust in who you appoint – we know there is a reason for Obama at this time.  Help us to not sell out to ideas and conceptions but help us to stand firm, graciously, in what we believe in.  Please continue to guide our nation.

Father above all – make us a humble people.  Break us and mold us.

Father it’s in your name I pray.