So I have decided to continue on my journey to 100 this year.  It’s not a New Year’s resolution it’s a lifestyle change.  I did this last year and in two months I lost about 50 pounds.  It was my plan to continue until I reached my goal of losing 100.  I fell away from my plan.  Big time.  So what happened?

Well I resigned after being hired at a new church.  Here in Newell it’s tough to go to the gym everyday becuase it’s 12 miles away.  I know…12 miles isn’t that far.  Somehow I had let my mind convince me that 12 miles was a huge thing to drive to go workout.  I lost my willpower and quit working out.  So here’s 2009 and I’m back on track.  I went last week and bought groceries that are healthy.  Now all I need to do is go get a memebership to a gym and start working out again.  My plan is to drive into Storm Lake once a day to get 1-2 hours of cardio in and do another hour in our gym here at the church.

Next Monday I will have an ‘official’ weigh-in to report here.  So here I go – back on my journey to 100.