If you haven’t read my two other posts on vision casting you can read them here and here.  So why does a place like this need to exist in Newell or Buena Vista County?  Honestly it’s really simple – there’s nothing for our students to do here.  I watched this summer as they were unfairly told that they couldn’t skateboard on the streets any more.  Seriously?  That’s not a good way to show our students we (as the community of Newell) care about them.  If you want to breed hate and angst towards our town and officials then make rules keeping them from doing harmless things they enjoy.

We need a place where students can be students – even somewhat loud at times.  We need a place where those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus Christ can come and not feel threatened to enter into faith based dialogue with people who care.  We need a place that tells our students, “we care about you and want you to come around.”  We need a place that is welcomin, inviting and safe.   I know a few questions come to mind with this.  Some of those may be;

“What about using the church?” The church is a great place for students who are found (having a relationship with Christ) but the majority of those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ will never step foot into the church itself.  There needs to be a safeplace.  Think of a lifeguard who sees a drowning person.  The lifeguard doesn’t say, “Hey come to me and I will save you”  instead the lifeguard goes to the person who is drowning to save them.  By having a facility on neutral we open the door to be able to share the Gospel with more students.  65% of people who come to know Christ do so by the age of 18.  Only 21% of people over 18 ever accept Christ.

“What about the money?” I was taught when I was younger that God is a huge God and nothing is to big for him.  That when we dream we sould dream about things that only God can accomplish.  If it seems reasonable that man can accomplish it then maybe it’s not from God.  As I said in my previous post I think the way to do it is to have “seed” money first…enough to get the general meeting area done or built.  The rest would need to be raised as we go.

“How do we staff it?” Again it would be done in stages.  Staffing initially would come from the staff of our student ministry.  The stafing would fall on the leaders where it should.  As the coffee shop gets done then we would need to explore ideas for staffing it – if at all.  These are minor details that can be worked out as time goes on.

“What if God doesn’t want this to happen?” Then that’s the way it is.  These posts are nothing but a dream I have and would love to see it come true – if it’s within God’s plan for us.  I do know this…God wants us to get better about reaching the lost people of our community with no strings attached.  Are you doing it?